A group exhibition curated by Veronique Chagnon-Cote and Colleen Heslin


Timothée Messeiller
Mathieu Cardin
Philippe Caron Lefebvre
Les Ramsay
Brendan Flanagan
Lesley Anderson
Marcelino Barsi 

Left to Right: Les Ramsay, Tim Messeiller and Marcelino Barsi
Moving from the ground up, forms take up space to create a conversation with materiality and real and imagined dimensions. Hard surfaces provide a platform for illusions of soft textures and forms where biological structures, tangible colours and textures evoke ontological reflections while gesturing to outer space.  Morphing from a sense of presentness into epistemological black holes, they are both singular and multiple.

Informe interweaves an open conversation between painting and sculpture, where paintings leave the traditional stretcher and shift into forms generating a dialogue with the objecthood. Subject and object evolve from a starting point, pushing the language of forms with a to and fro motion between representation and abstraction. These architectonic forms constructed from modern materiality evoke a sense of both here and now and an ephemeral space beyond.